changing a refrigerator water filter

changing a refrigerator water filter

Keep Your Tenants Happy: Tips For Maintaining A Dishwasher In A Rental Property

by Alice Bernard

As a landlord of an apartment building or a single family house, you want to provide your tenants with as many conveniences as possible. The more comfortable your tenants are, the happier they will be and the greater the likelihood is that they will resign their lease, or that they will recommend your apartment or house to another prospective renter. A highly-coveted convenience is a dishwasher.

While outfitting a rental property with a dishwasher can certainly be beneficial to you, you do need to take some precautions to ensure that this convenience does not become an inconvenience. Here are some words of wisdom that regarding the dishwasher that you can share with your renters:

Review Proper Use

A dishwasher is an amazingly convenient tool, if it is used properly. In order to avoid problems and ensure the dishwasher can stand up to usage from one tenant to another, make sure you go over proper usage of the appliance.

Dishwashers come with instruction manuals that will tell you exactly how they should be used, including the type of detergent that should be used and the pre-cleaning methods. Read the instructions and go over them with your tenants. In order to ensure that your tenants abide by the instruction manual, consider having them sign a waiver that certifies they have read and understood the instructions for use.

Maintaint It

While your tenants should definitely take proper care of the dishwasher, you also need to do your part with regular maintenance. What does regular maintenance on the landlords behalf entail? Cleaning it, replacing filters and ensuring the spray arms are working properly.

How can you attend to this routine maintenance? Here are some tips:

  • Cleaning: In regard to cleaning the dishwasher in a rental property, make sure that you schedule appointments for regular maintenance; once every six months, for example. While inspecting the dishwasher, check to see if there are any large deposits of debris, and if there are, remove them. Also, you should run a mixture of vinegar and water through the unit to make sure the spray arms aren't dirty and clogged.
  • Clean Out Soap Scum. It may sound gross, but soap scum is a problem that is par for the course when it comes to dishwashers. That soap scum can cover the seals in the unit and prevent them from functioning properly. To prevent an issue like this from affecting the dishwasher's function, make sure you clean the rubber seals with a soft bristled brush to get rid of the gunk build up.
  • Take Care of Filters. Filters are integral components in a dishwasher. There are two; one that takes care of the coarse materials and one that takes care of the fine materials. These filters catch the bits of food and other debris from the items being washed in the dishwasher, and as such, they can become blocked and stop functioning properly. To ensure they work properly, clean them; and if cleaning isn't enough, replace them.

Keep your tenants happy and maintain your success as a landlord by following these tips for taking care of a dishwasher in your rental unit. If you come across problems, contact dishwasher repair professionals for help.


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changing a refrigerator water filter

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