changing a refrigerator water filter

changing a refrigerator water filter

Fridge Wise: A Simple Guide To Help Maintain Your Refrigerator

by Alice Bernard

Your refrigerator runs all day and all night, yet you might not think about giving it a little extra attention. The truth is that your refrigerator can last more than 13 years if it is taken care of correctly. The following guide is simple and should help you take care of your refrigerator.

Importance of Cleanliness 

You probably know that a fresh, opened box of baking soda helps keep your refrigerator smelling good. But smells should not concern you as much as dirt, grime, or grease. Look for the aforementioned around the ridge of your refrigerator door, and make sure nothing is there to prevent the door from closing. This is important because a door that is not closed completely will allow some cold air out, which is going to put stress on your motor by making it work a little harder. 

Keep Your Fridge At The Right Temperature

The temperature in fridge does not need to be too low to keep your food cool. Keeping your refrigerator at an inadequate temperature needlessly forces your motor to run too much. You want to keep the freezer at 0 degrees and the fridge at 40 degrees

You can find the temperature control inside your fridge somewhere on top if you have an older model or outside for modern types. You can also just use your manual or ask your fridge specialist how to set the temperature. 

Mass Does Matter

Your refrigerator needs a specific thermal mass, which is just a fancy way of saying that your fridge needs to stay relatively full. This is important because food and liquids hold heat and help keep the fridge cool. An empty fridge is simply harder to keep cool, so you are forcing your motor and compressor to work harder. 

Rethink Vinyl

The last thing you can consider is placing strips of clear vinyl over your fridge, just like you might see in a meat packing factory. Have you noticed that the motor in your fridge turns on every time you open the refrigerator? This happens because you have let cold air escape, and your fridge is trying to compensate. Well, vinyl will help keep cool air inside the fridge even if you open it. 

All you have to do is the following:

  1. Cut two layers of vinyl to match the size of your fridge. 
  2. Create thick strips by cutting into the two layers, leaving about 6 inches on top of the vinyl intact.
  3. Tape the top of the vinyl to the top of the inside of your fridge. And that is it; this plastic layer should keep cold air in and make your motor work less.

As you can see, there are a few things you can do on your own to maintain your fridge. And, as always, do not forget to schedule your professional maintenance with your refrigerator specialist. To talk to a specialist, contact a company such as Top Notch Appliance Repair.


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changing a refrigerator water filter

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