changing a refrigerator water filter

changing a refrigerator water filter

Four Ways To Modernize The Office

by Alice Bernard

With more and more people opting for unconventional working arrangements, it's important for businesses to keep their offices attractive by making sure they are modern. Millennial workers are especially picky about finding the right workplace fit, including finding the right space itself. Here are some tips on how to keep your office space modernized. 

Modern Lighting

The days of fluorescent strip lighting are over. Today, there are many options for modern lighting that are both energy efficient and healthy. Consider using daylighting to your advantage, or using a commercial lighting service like Buy The Right Light Co to overhaul your current lighting fixtures. 

Snack Bar

A snack bar is a nice touch to offer your employees. With just a bit more cost than the standard coffee and tea offerings, you can give your employees a range of healthy snacks everyday such as fruits, granola, pretzels, and popcorn. Some businesses are making this extra cost work by taking it out of the employee meals budget in some other way. For instance, you could shave a bit of budget off of the holiday party and reward your employees with snacks on a daily basis. 


If your building is a bit older, then it may be painted a drab shay of grey or brown. One part of a modern workplace is consideration to color, often with white spaces and bright accent walls. For examples of how to use color in the workspace, you could search for images of some of the top tech companies' office spaces; these workplaces tend to be on the cutting edge in terms of providing style and comfort. 

Standing Desks

Standing desks are becoming all the rage with modern offices. The basic standing desks are positioned to a single height during setup, meaning that you can do a one-time adjustment for each employee's height. The higher end models allow you to constantly adjust the desk height, so that employees can choose to sit or stand throughout the day. 

If you can't afford yet to switch your entire office to standing desks, it can be a nice gesture to have at least a few standing options available. You may consider getting a cluster of standing desks that employees can share throughout the day. 

These ideas prove that modernizing your workplace doesn't have to be an extreme endeavor. Instead of reworking the entire office space, you can start by choosing one feature to improve. But, your employees will appreciate your effort in making their office a better place to be. 


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changing a refrigerator water filter

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